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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fred Grimm's Great Column on Non Partisan Sheriffs

Fred Grimm has written an editorial for the Herald which deserves acknowledgement , praise and your review. It is a call to make the Sheriff of Broward County a non partisan race, without political affilliations. No Democrat, No Republican, just best cop for the job. What a thought!

Of course the top law enforcement position in Broward County should be non partisan. The failure of politicians to willingly support this switch is testimony only to their self aggrandizing hunger to hang onto the tentacles of power. Let it go. Anything with tentacles, from an octopus to a jellyfish, is real hard to hang onto. Sooner or later, it will come back to sting you. Get over it and do the just thing, the proper thing, and the righteous deed. I do not care whether a cop pulls up on a donkey or an elephant. I just want him to be the best police officer he can be.

Protect your people, not your power.

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