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Friday, February 27, 2009

Norm Gets A Crack Pipe

Okay blogger fans. The question here is who is wearing those Foster Grants?

Is that Billy Joel playing the piano, or Norm learning how to use a crack pipe?

Actually folks, that would be me, during a pulmonary function test at Broward General Hospital early today. The best part of this test is when they tell you to “breathe normally.”

Think about this, they put this plastic nose clip on your nostrils, then they tell you to wrap your lips around what looks like the center piece of cardboard on a toilet paper roll, close you into a glass booth like you are in the $64,000 question, and then they say, “breathe normally.”

Has it occurred to them yet that if I could breathe normally, I would not be there? I guess when you are pushing 60 you just have to go to the judges and tell them once a month you have at least one medical reason for not being able to get to court. Still, even if I wind up with a terminal condition of pulmonary fibrosis, this makes a really cool picture. I think it makes me look like Billy Joel did at the Hard Rock earlier this month.

Broward General really looks good now that they fixed it up. And how many hospitals have a McDonalds inside their lobby right next to the Heart Institute? Which is next to a Starbucks with every pastry you can imagine. My kinda place to go for a stress test.

So I stop by the Cancer Center on my way out, and run into the receptionist and see on the Tree of Life that my name is on one of the leaves, correctly spelled as “Norm Kent.” That is no small achievement, my friends. You see, when I made the original donation to put my name on a plaque, the hospital created one with the name “Norma Kent.” When I spoke to the secretary who handled the inscription, she apologized, saying that is what she thought my name was, stating, “Well, that is the name your client Neil Rogers calls you everyday on the air. You mean your name isn’t Norma?”

Thanks, Neil.

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  1. as long as you are ranting about something other than law on your blog, which actually makes it diversified and personal, did you know not billy joel but the Beatles are releasing a new recording this weekend?
    week. It's a good quality bootleg of a recording session for "Revolution 1." Nearly ten minutes long, it has a very different arrangement from the one we all know (lots of "shoo-be-doo-wa"s). It also reveals how Revolutions 1 and 9 are linked, with an early version of the latter appearing near the end of the track. Music fans, please enjoy.