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Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Killer Porsche' Owner on Probation for Hit/Run

Now let's talk about the killer Porsche. The cops have ID'd the owner, who now has to sweat what forensics is going to do. He apparently has not hired an attorney yet, but referred questions to Keith Seltzer, who has no comments yet. A Sentinel feature yesterday quotes Ken Padowitz and Milton Hirsch, each saying this is going to be one tough case to prove. Maybe so, but let's hope for the sake of our community, it is proven, the murderer is apprehended, and the killer convicted. In light of the fact that so much of this case could turn on forensics, that damning report in yesterday's blog is worth scrutinizing carefully.

This story is all over the papers in Great Britain, but they can't brag too much there either. The headline in the Daily Mail yesterday, an English paper, is about a lorry driver that was caught in a mass collision, rear ended a vehicle with a family of six, and killed them all. He got a year. One year. There is a single episode rule in England, and the driver cannot be cited for each fatality.

Now this morning, surprise of all surprises comes the revelation that the owner of the Porsche, who says he ‘was not driving’, just so happens, totally coincidentally of course, to be on 30 months felony probation for drag racing, fleeing, and assorted, sundry felonies. As a matter of fact, he is allowed to be in Florida to supervise his parents' beach front properties, just down the block from where the murders occurred.

Here is the new report:

"Cook County, Ill., court records show that LeVin was sentenced to 30 months' probation in November 2007 after leading Chicago police on a high-speed chase in a blue Porsche, a 2001 Targa. Police estimated he reached 100 mph during the July 31, 2006, chase, and he struck several vehicles and injured a police officer and two motorists, according to police reports.

After the Chicago chase, police found cocaine in LeVin's car, according to court records. He initially was charged with seven felonies and ultimately pleaded guilty to one — aggravated fleeing."

Here is the full link:,0,5416748.story

His next address: the Broward County Jail. Here truly though, is the reason defense attorneys exist. So much of the circumstantial evidence points so transparently to this guy LeVin that he absolutely positively unquestionably needs a lawyer to insure that the State of Florida does not jump on the bandwagon of the obvious, but is instead held to the demanding standards of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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