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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ticktin Web Site Brings a Smile to Your Face

You may have seen Peter Ticktin in the Broward Courthouse, trying cases or carrying briefcases. His law firm site is pretty classy, and outlines his life not only as a lawyer in Florida but his early days as a Toronto litigator, starting as a barrister and solicitor back in 1972. We tried a case against each other about five years ago, and like most civil trial lawyers we both became remarkably uncivil. Foolish us. Why does that happen?

Anyway, he has been advertising on TV lately, and has done some meritorious work that you can track on his site. So why blog about him today? Because someone else did. Above the Law, a popular national blogger, one of the best at that. But ATL wrote up Ticktin not because of any great legal victory worthy of international attention. Sorry, Peter. Nope, it is because if you go to the site of, and click on the pictures of the attorneys, it will make you laugh. But I won't tell you why. However, laughter is healthy and good for the heart and soul. So go to the site and click on the pictures of the lawyers therein.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for bringing attention to my website. Our minor annoyance with each other in the heat of that jury trial reflected our resolve to win for our clients. I believe it lead to our mutual respect. Again, thank you.
    Peter Ticktin