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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Briefs, Names and Notes in the News

This is a weekly feature that will periodically be updated with more notes as we discover items worthy of some press but not a singular post…
---The picture at the top of the blog that you see is of Amy Brian, discharged from the Kansas National Guard after serving a year of combat duty in Iraq. Her crime? Promise not to ask or tell? Being gay, of course. Caught kissing a friend , hey that's some serious stuff !!! Read the travesty here….

…. Terry Schiavo, anyone? In Rome, the Italian government on Friday passed an emergency decree to keep a woman in a vegetative state alive on a feeding tube, circumventing a high court decision and ignoring a warning from the Italian president that he would refuse to sign the decree. Read it in the NY Times
--From previous posts…we have updated the story about the AP suing Shephard Fairey, the Obama poster artist, as he got arrested in Boston for painting graffiti on the walls of bridges; yes, really----….
--Also redone the story on the flag desecration case arrests of Fred Phelps band of fundamentalists. I hate him, but I think Fred’s minions are getting screwed
---the Public Defender’s Office lost a champion in the passing of Ron Dallas yesterday after a series of kidney related ailments over the past few years; there's a page on Jaablog to express your thoughts..
A Bronx Tale comes to Broadway Across America on Tuesday night at the Parker Playhouse, for only a week, and believe it or not, it appears that Rosenfeldt, Rothstein and Adler are now sponsors of the theatrical group event. Unsure whether Scott will be in the starring role..
City elections also Tuesday, with lawyers Jack Seiler and Dean Trantalis arguably frontrunners and squaring off for Mayor of Fort Lauderdale. Good Sentinel blog piece by Anthony Man suggests Seiler will be stung by the gay community for getting Jim Naugle’s support even though Jack has always been supportive of the gay community. Dean has a very organized campaign that has only been positive and proactive. I expect a close race and a March run off, but my guess is that the personable defense lawyer Steve Rossi, despite all those bus benches, does not have the broad-based community support to get the votes he needs, nor does Mr. Reynerson, who owns a wonderful business, Claad Tile, but is running as Lieutenant Colonel Reynerson. I don't see that as a winning move. I am not sure which race Jim Lewis is going to lose this time. It's hard to keep track. Calm down, he's a good guy, but there is no Bar rule which requires you to run for office everytime we hold an election.
--A feature in today’s paper shows the profligacy and extravagance of the Lieutenant Governor in using the State’s private planes to fly back and forth around the state. Charley, the gov, should fire his ass. The way it looks now Kottkamp should be nominated for a cabinet post in the Obama administration.,0,7399045.story..
By the way, I never heard the word ‘vetting’ until it was used to describe the way Obama was going to cull out the best and the brightest for his administration. After seeing the job he did, maybe they should go back to good old fashion ‘screening.’....
An appeals court says imprisoned former Illinois Gov. George Ryan may keep part of the state pension that was canceled after his conviction on racketeering and fraud charges. That should be encouraging for Rod Blagoyevich’s future and Ken Jenne’s past…

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