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Monday, February 16, 2009

Editorial Cartoon of the Day

See this week's Time Magazine about the death of newspapers nationally.,8599,1877191,00.html

David Horsey has won two Pulitzer Prizes (in 2003 and 1999) for his editorial cartoons, along with numerous other accolades and awards. His work is syndicated to more than 250 newspapers across America.


  1. I'm sure there were similar concerns about what would happen when the town criers were put out of business by newspapers .... or when radio news would get people to stop reading papers .... or how 24-hour TV news channels would kill news radio .... and how the internet is killing everything else. It's called evolution.

    The same argument could be made today for saving newspapers as could have been made years ago for saving the horse-drawn streetcar, rotary dial phones, and cyclamates.

  2. Good comment.
    Papers need to learn to adapt or get out of the way.

  3. i am dumb.
    what the heck are cyclamates?