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Friday, February 27, 2009

'Motion to Adopt' Rumpole's Blog

A blogitorial off the Justice Building Blog from Rumpole about Judge Cueto's blow up yesterday afternoon, screaming loudly at a fifteen year old apparently.

We adopt in full the following comments made at that blog and reprint them here:

'Here is the point about Judge Cueto: we are supposed to be professionals. We are supposed to be trained in dealing with the emotional situations that arise on a daily if not hourly basis in criminal court. And above all others, the Judge is supposed to radiate impartiality, while controlling the courtroom and giving to all sides an impartial decision based on facts not emotion.

At this Judge Cueto failed miserably. He needs to apologize to the woman and the juvenile. He needs to be removed from criminal court until such time that he shows he is capable of handling a bond hearing without losing his temper.

You practice long enough and you just want the people on the bench to act with dignity and respectability, consistency and decorum. You want to come out of a courtroom not brutalized or demeaned but with your head held high for yourself, your client, and the system you spent your life being a part of.
When a judge snaps like Cueto did, man the dude needs time outs, time off, and time away from the bench. He did not bully the lady he responded to. He bullied the bar of justice. Sure he was called a nasty name, but somehow, someway, it is his duty to suck it up and respond to it more maturely. He looks a lot happier in his campaign photo, doesn't he?

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