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Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Judge Larry' Returns to Larry King Show

His Honor, Emeritus, Larry Seidlin, returned this evening to the Larry King Show, without Larry King. I think the guest host was Joy Behar from 'The View.'

Interviewed as part of three talking heads commenting on the mom with quintuplets, and 14 kids, the introductory dialogue was intriguing, and perhaps an indicator of what is about to come into our living room every day.

The guest host goes, "Judge Seidlin, you have been a judge for 28 years..." But wait, she is interrupted, "No, no," he says, "Call me Judge Larry."

Then he talks about protecting state and society and mothers and nutrition and babbling incessantly about nothing consequential. This interview format, where 'Judge Larry' is called upon to answer questions, may not be his best format.

I am thinking he needs the bench, the courtroom, the forum where he has a comfort zone and real people instead of artificially created moments. Just a thought from a guy who has been there. But 'Judge Larry' has one other real obstacle to deal with. The Florida Bar may have exonerated him from wrongdoing, but if his show becomes a success, and people start writing about him, then all the dirt resurfaces, and he will have to deal with it again and again and again. Would you want that? He said he leaves his naysayers in the dust. He will need a thick skin to survive in media and entertainment. It is no walk in the park. It is a war zone.

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