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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Plea Agreeements Ready, Set Go

Lawyers who are members of the United States District Courts received an electronic notice this morning that tomorrow is the date Chief Judge Moreno's order placing plea agreements back on line becomes effective. Not like we are all going to be running to see copies of every one of them, but I think it will be very useful to insure a degree of uniformity in sentencing, no? Won't it also lend to transparency in government? I think the Chief should be saluted for doing this. I don't see a lot of prosecutors as happy. What is your take?

Here is what the email read. I see the South Florida Lawyers blog is picking up for David Markus while Markus is in trial. He picked it up also.

Administrative Order 2009-2, effective February 20, 2009, provides in part:ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that as of February 20, 2009, the Southern District of Florida's current policy of providing limited electronic access to plea agreements is rescinded. All plea agreements filed on or after February 20, 2009 will be public documents, with full remote access available to all members of the public and the bar, unless the Court has entered an Order in advance directing the sealing or otherwise restricting a plea agreement.Please visit the Southern District of Florida web page at for the full text of Administrative Order 2009-2.

This is what we wrote on January 29, 2009....and one of the things I am going to have to do better is keep a better listing by labels of all the topics I am covering. It is like a massive card catalogue, but if you do not do it correctly, then you cannot even go back and find your own articles.

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