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Friday, February 20, 2009

Mickey Rourke's Movie Dealer Busted in Real Life

You know, I was just getting over A Rod.
Maybe I need to call this the American Law Blog, because there are just too many crazy things going on everywhere else to just limit the blog to the craziest things going on here in Broward County, Florida.

Mind you, we are right up there in the twilight zone of law with collapsing courthouses, questionable judges, indicted lawyers, and perjuring jurors. As the DA said about Illinois being corrupt, 'We may not be the worst but we are in contention.' However, I digress. Off the Wall Street Blog comes this great story:

"Life imitates art imitating life. That’s one way of looking at the situation that unfolded late last night up in Eastchester, N.Y. A man named Scott Siegel, who played a steroid pusher in the critically acclaimed movie “The Wrestler,” starring Mickey Rourke (pictured), was arrested last night and charged with attempting to, well, push steroids. Here’s a copy of the complaint, filed in federal court in White Plains, N.Y. (The complaint’s not a bad read: It alleges that before the arrest took place, a bunch of wacky things happened, including a car chase that ended in a big old (perhaps movie-worthy) crash-up.)"

You can't make this stuff up folks, you just can't make it up.
I guess when Mickey wins the Oscar this month, he can thank his dealer. Maybe the dealer, like ARod's secret cousin, gets the credit. Or maybe the dealer says he was just method acting a part for his next role. It's fitting that Mickey occasionally is seen hanging out in Miami. Where else?

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