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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wade vs. Wade in the Windy City

How do you reduce a juicy fifty page lawsuit to 25 words?

'Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade sues his estranged wife and her attorneys for falsely accusing him of having an affair which resulted in her being infected with a sexually transmitted disease.'

This is juicy news here in South Florida. And here is the place to go get the PDF of the complaint. Yeah, I have not figured out that technology yet.

Matthew Heller's courthouse news service has it here. Sitting at the cafeteria in the Broward Courthouse it seemed to be the topic du jour. Mostly because he named as defendants the wife's lawyers. Looking through the suit, he appeared to be saying the lawyers negligently incorporated defamatory claims within the context of lawsuit, and they were sort of acting in an agency capacity for the wife. It is an intriguing claim because as a general rule most representations within the context of a legal pleading are protected and privileged from a defamation action. The suit may thus raise some First Amendment issues.

Frankly, I just want to see Wade play basketball.

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