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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Articles Maybe Worth Catching Up On

Stemming Prostitution in LA; A Class for 'Johns'

Ten Commandments Monument May Stand Alone; Free Speech

Time For Legalizing Marijuana? CBS News Editorial

Jersey Governor Will Sign Medical Marijuana Bill;
14th State to 'Medicalize' Pot

No Oscars for Medical Marijuana Providers;
Unjust Federal Laws (Written by your publisher)

Bailed Out Bank Blows Millions On Parties; Northern Trust not so Worthy

Team Owners Stole Millions from Charities;
More Scams from Corporate America$533M

Court Says Helmsley Dollars Do Not All Go to Dogs

DCF Child Abuse; Talenfeld Wins Again

JAABLOG's Listing of New Florida Criminal Justice Bills Legislators Propose

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