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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Italy Criminally Charges Google Lawyer for Blog Post

Some stunning legal news off the Privacy Law Blog.

Several Google executives, including the Company’s global privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer, will face criminal charges in Italian court stemming from Italian authorities’ two-year investigation of a video posted on Google Video showing a disabled teen being taunted by classmates.
The video, posted in 2006, depicts four high school boys in a Turin classroom taunting a classmate with Down syndrome and ultimately hitting the young man over the head with a box of tissues. Google removed the video on November 7, 2006, less than twenty-four hours after receiving multiple complaints about the video.
Nonetheless, Fleischer and his Google colleagues face criminal charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal information that carry a maximum sentence of three (3) years.
Because this legal issue raises the liability of bloggers and blog publishers, you can expect it will be censored by jaablog. Afraid of limiting the zealous comments of their posters, they do not have the guts to publish real articles on these issues. But the Italian law is patterned somewhat after the Communications Decency Act of 230 and the possibility of this happening in America is not unreal.
Google Execs Face Privacy-Related and Other Criminal Charges for Taunting Video

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  1. My Name Does Not MatterFebruary 16, 2009 at 9:15 AM

    why don't jaablog authors use their name on anything they post? I don't mean the comments, they can't control what people say, but the posts that precede the comments, shouldn't the people, if its gelin or others, shouldn't they have the guts to say who wrote 'em? Why are they such cowards that they will not stand behind their remarks, which are sometimes snotty, sometimes nasty, but sometimes right on point?