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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quarter Pounders for a Quarter

Let's just call this piece our photograph of the day. A nice, juicy, cheeseburger. Anyway, McDonald's wants you to eat Quarter Pounders with Cheese all day today.

For one day only, when you buy one Quarter Pounder with Cheese at the regular price, you can buy a second one for just 25 cents. Maybe we can buy all the jurors lunch there today, and save the county taxpayers money.

Last week, Denny's gave away free grand slam breakfasts all day, and the lines outside to get in were a half a block long. And that was just all the secretaries in my office lining up to get there. Maybe this recession is a good thing. Let me know when Morton's is giving away free steaks.

We just finished that suit holding cigarette companies liable for smoking. When does the one begin holding McDonalds liable for obesity begin? Hell knows none of us are responsible for anything we do ourselves anymore.
I think I should dedicate this piece to Jon Katz at the Underdog Blog which you can link to on our right sidebar. A very well respected blogger, Mr. Katz today has a blog about his vegan, natural tai' chi' lifestyle, and the importance of a lawyer having a sound mind and fit body. I guess I fail on both counts. Pass the fries.

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  1. I went to this blog by Katz and he is thoughtful and impressive. You can learn a lot from him Norm. Start with some tofu and situps :-)