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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Stimulus Package

Magic wand, magic wand, give me part of the economic stimulus please.....
So this is so cool, you hit the link to your state, then you hit the link to your city, then you hit the link to the specific project, and then you get to cast a ballot on whether you think it is prudent and useful, or proligate and wasteful. You get to vote up and down on each proposal. Fort Lauderdale police want $292,000 for digital cameras in their police cars, but Hollywood is asking for $5o million for a whole new Police Administration Facility.
$50 mil? That would cover third base at the new Marlins' stadium, which I gotta go run and see if they have a requisition in their as well....

Find projects by state or territory (click on state):
Alaska (46 projects)
Alabama (318 projects)
Arkansas (199 projects)
Arizona (743 projects)
California (1971 projects)
Colorado (201 projects)
Connecticut (449 projects)
Washington, D.C. (8 projects)
Delaware (7 projects)
Florida (1752 projects)
Georgia (266 projects)
Hawaii (316 projects)
Iowa (51 projects)
Idaho (348 projects)
Illinois (1031 projects)
Indiana (713 projects)
Kansas (139 projects)
Kentucky (524 projects)
Louisiana (433 projects)
Massachusetts (266 projects)
Maryland (54 projects)
Maine (72 projects)
Michigan (782 projects)
Minnesota (335 projects)
Missouri (403 projects)
Mississippi (552 projects)
Montana (57 projects)
North Carolina (319 projects)
North Dakota (61 projects)
Nebraska (154 projects)
New Jersey (261 projects)
New Mexico (215 projects)
Nevada (163 projects)
New York (289 projects)
Ohio (847 projects)
Oklahoma (223 projects)
Oregon (159 projects)
Pennsylvania (352 projects)
Puerto Rico (340 projects)
Rhode Island (116 projects)
South Carolina (271 projects)
South Dakota (30 projects)
Tennessee (103 projects)
Texas (1240 projects)
Utah (298 projects)
Virginia (400 projects)
Vermont (61 projects)
Washington (368 projects)
Wisconsin (358 projects)
West Virginia (1 projects)
Wyoming (85 projects)
This should make some fine reading if you like pork rinds. I don't trust it. I don't believe it. I am going to question it. From the same government that brings you the $2100 dollar hammer?

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