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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Video Verite: Judges in Miami and Kentucky Fire Back in Courtroom Shouting Matches

"I'll yell all I want. This is my courtroom."

-Judge Miniard

If you fast forward, the action starts about two minutes into the video.

What starts off as a low key discussion in front of Honorable Vernon J. Miniard, Jr. turns into a full blown confrontation when the Kentucky prosecutor and Commonwealth attorney Larry Rogers suggests the judge recuse himself because of jury tampering that may render him a witness. His honor was not too thrilled. This video obtained by the blog Justice Watch.

Meanwhile, in Dade County another judge seeks not to be outdone. Here is the video of a jurist blowing up at the sister of a defendant he incarcerated on a $90,000 bond for a coke charge.

You may have to dig through the channel four site to find the correct one:


  1. awesome dude judges losing it, can you imagine if a defendant shouted at a judge the way the judge shouted at the defendantz?

  2. I am the man in the video who was trying to take Larry Rogers depostion. Rogers was the elected prosecutor who regularly used false charges by way of indictment to further political and financial motives. It was everyones surprise when this Judge, Vernon J. Miniard did not have him arrested.Miniard is a really great judge and a good man. Rogers was threatening him with indictment as Rogers did to other judges and lawyers.