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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hit and Run Killer Still Free

No arrests have been made yet in a hit-and-run that killed two British tourists on the Fort Lauderdale beach last Friday morning. A white Porsche believed to be involved in the incident was found abandoned near Interstate 595 later that morning.

Witnesses described seeing the cars hurtle along at 100mph. Detectives know the name of the person to whom the Porsche is registered, but they have not said who they think was behind the wheel. The search continues for the second car. Will there be a witness? Will DNA prove something? Will there be pictures of the driver's vehicle crossing the E Clay Shaw Bridge moments after the accident, identifying the driver? Are there cameras at that location, so close to the port and large tourist ships? Maybe Homeland Security has something?

The victims were identified as Craig Elford, 39, a father of 3-year-old and 1-year-old girls, and his business partner, 48-year-old Kenneth Watkinson. They were in town recruiting for their budding medical supply company. Police believe the Porshce lost control and swerved to the pavement, hitting the men from behind. Their sudden death has generated international outrage, with newspapers in the United Kingdom running photographs of the smashed Porsche.

Too many times over too many years have we borne witness to these senseless tragedies here on our beaches next to our homes. One second you are on your bicycle or running with your dogs, and the next you are subject to the reckless abandon of mindless morons who do not ever grasp how deadly their vehicles can be. It is easy to relate to the outrage.
The owner of the vehicle has been found. Now the question is will he come forth and say who had dominion, custody and control of his vehicle at the time of the accident. Maybe some kid took it for a joy ride. Whatever, he should be seeking counsel. He has that right, as well he should. After all, the State will be seeking jail. As well they should.

Sadly it goes on, in every city, everyday...


  1. would you defend this guy when he is caught?

  2. i am a pretty strident defender of free speech, but as the saying goes, "your right to swing your arms ends when your fist hits my nose"

    Alas, driving is still considered a right as opposed to a responsibility.