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Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Ways to Go on Death Row

One of the historic injustices of the Death Penalty law is the exhaustive appellate processes which permit prisoners to linger for decades. In fact, the average stay on death row during the course of appeals is easily over ten years per case, close to 14 in fact. And the time spent by the Supreme Court on death row appeals is, according to former clerks, nearly 35% of their caseload.

Comes now this Orlando Sentinel report noting that between March 1998 and November 2008, the Department of Corrections executed 26 prisoners. During that same period, another 26 death-row inmates died of other causes. This is not justice for the State, the Victims, or the Defendants.

For criminal justice professionals, it is an interesting read--

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  1. Thank you for bringing this story to our attention. There is a dichotomy of justice and it was captured by this reporter. Too many rich people go free and the poor rot in jail