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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New York Hate Crime Killer Nabbed

Normally you would not blog about every senseless killing pounding at the heart and soul of our communities. There are far too many, and they are far too ugly. They dramatize that for all the advances of our civilization, we have raised people that are far too uncivil.

Occasionally, one episode says it all. That would be this one. The venue is New York State, and an Ecuadorian national was walking arm in arm, laughing, holding, touching his brother in a small village called Sucuzhanay. But the maggots who stumbled upon these loving brothers came armed with hate. They thought the brothers were gay. So they took out baseball bats and bashed one to death.

Fast forward to yesterday and one of the killers is apprehended. How uneducated, how inhumane, have some of those who walk among us become?

Here are the words of the apprehended suspect:

"So I killed someone- that makes me a bad guy?"

Yes, sir, it does.

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