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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sentinel Reports on South Florida Gang Crackdowns

Good article on gang crackdowns in South Florida in today's Sun-Sentinel.

Maybe we lead sheltered lives in comfortable ghettoes. Don't see much gang activity on East Las Olas. Read that police have documented a hundred arrests in a few months in Broward. I thought Pembroke Pines was a home to one of the fastest growing communities in America not 22 gangs. I thought it was where Uncle Sam lived in a Century Village.

But if you look at the above photo of Broward Sheriff's Sgt. Dan Fitzpatrick who heads BSO's Gang Task Force, this does not look like a smiling matter. It's a stark photo by Sentinel photog Michael Laughlin from today's paper. Here's the article.,0,5082155.story

Remember that operation, 'scared straight,' where teens are taken to jails and courts to see what happens to them when they are apprehended and caught? Thinking that maybe some more of these gangs need to be exposed to that. A day in Judge Paul Backman's courtroom, watching sentences of 20 and 25 years get doled out in 'Rock Court' might sober anyone up. Maybe. If the kids care. If they understand. We just don't live in the world of 'West Side Story,' anymore, do we Maria?

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