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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Herald: Citizen Suing Over Traffic Cameras

An Aventura resident is hoping to put the brakes on traffic cameras by taking the city to court, alleging they are unconstitutional. It has been a legal debate for many years now. Once appeared on CNN with Johnny Cochran opposing it, saying the next thing cities will do is strap cameras on the backs of alligators to see who is poaching in the 'Glades. Many cities are now into the process. Google the subject and it seems to be the wave of the future. Technology that once never before existed we can now not escape. Don't worry about a national ID card; we are all going to get a chip implanted in us, just like our dogs. I am surprised they have not passed a law like that for sexual offenders yet. Anyway, here is a gutsy citizen taking the issue to court, arguing too much, too much, too much. Ticket Lawyer Brett Lusskin has the gig, arguing cameras are not good enough; that it is requires a police officer as a witness. I agree, but legislators are into expedience rather than excellence. Let's see what they do.
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