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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photograph of the Day

Anyone for a game of pickup basketball this weekend?
There used to be a group of lawyers and judges that would play b ball at St. Anthony's Church in Victoria Park on Saturday. I think Keith Seltzer was one of them. Now he goes to his home in Tennessee. Backman too used to be there. Now he sits in the third floor cafeteria giving his coffee 20 to life. Just wondering if the game still goes on and who plays. Anyone know?

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  1. I was in Estonia 20 years ago when my traveling partner pointed out an identical looking statue and suggested that we suspend a basketball mid-air by fishing line from Lenin's extended figure. We had neither fishing line nor basketball, so we settled for a photo of my friend styling himself in the garb of a 30s-era Chicago gangster in front of bronze Vladimir.