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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drunk Officer Kills Law Grad in Brooklyn

From today’s NY Daily News, information that a drunken New Jersey cop plowed into a young couple walking home after a night of dancing in Manhattan killing a recent law school graduate and injuring her boyfriend. They were in Battery Park coming home from a dance.

The young woman killed came to America from China to live in a free world. And the two bodies run down by a Porsche yesterday in Fort Lauderdale were indeed identified as tourists from Great Britain.

The ripple effects of drunk driving are heard throughout the world in city after city, nite after nite. With all we know, with everything we have been taught, with all the prevention programs publicized and in place, senseless death runs rampant on our roadways.

"He's a good cop, and a really good guy," said a Jersey City buddy, "This is all just a big shock."

It always is.
But it really isn’t.
Cops or judges, lawyers or doctors, whatever your profession; that does not matter. Anyone anytime anywhere can have a drinking problem. But you need to try doing something about it today when you are sober.
Later is always too late.

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