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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jose's Got the Scoop on PBSO DUI Saturation Plan

Now normally Jose just exposes celebrities with their pants down. But this week he has got the Palm Beach Sheriff sending the heads of defense attorneys spinning up.

Sheriff Kenny has announced that on Feb 27-28 he is not only going to be using 75 deputies for DUI enforcment in one 12 hour period, he is going to demand that drivers be blood tested when they are pulled over, and if they refuse, hold them until the sheriffs can run to a judge's house and get a warrant. Hate to be on call that weekend.

Here is how Jose starts his story:

'Call him Sheriff Dracula!
Motorists, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw wants your blood.
I’m not kidding.
Drivers on county roads Feb. 27-28 will be subjected to blood tests at DUI checkpoints if they refuse a breath test. The plan calls for paramedics to be standing by for the blood drawing, which could take place in ambulances parked near the checkpoints.

As usual, there’ll be field sobriety tests, such as reciting the alphabet and walking a line. Those who fail will be treated differently than in routine DUI stops.
They’ll be asked to take a breath test on the spot, instead of being brought to a station where those tests are usually conducted. If a motorist refuses, deputies will actually drive to a judge’s home for a warrant. The deputies will then return to the checkpoint and demand that the suspect have blood drawn.'

For further comment on the Palm Beach Bar's reaction, read the rest of Jose's story:

and here is the sheriff's once secret memo about the operation plan:

and the reaction from the defense bar:
No freakin' way !

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