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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Supreme Court Denies "Judge" Abramson Seat

The Supreme Court has ruled against attorney William Abramson in his quest to assume the judicial seat he won in a hotly contested election last Fall.

In December, the justices suspended Abramson for 91 days for courtroom misconduct in front of Judge Richard Wennet, who was defeated by Abramson in August by 61 votes. The suspension took effect four days before he was to take the bench last month.

The legal issue debated by the court was whether a suspended lawyer may assume a judicial role, or whether the suspension rendered it constitutionally impermissible.

I received this notice through the online breaking news edition of the Daily Business Review, a program well worth having in your office. In this world of instant communication and immediate availability to everything newsworthy, online subscriptions are the dynamics of the present and the wave of the future. No one owns the Internet, and only childish minds would suggest one party is copying another when they report and comment on news of wide public interest.

The truth is that the Internet’s astounding capabilities, from Google Earth to breaking news alerts, put the world at our fingertips. Growing up in a world where my information came from hours in a library weeding through a card catalogue and searching the Dewey Decimal System, I am appreciative and grateful that my thirst for knowledge now comes to me as gushers in a fountain.

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