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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Advocacy Group for Victims of Domestic Violence


Legal and business leaders have initiated a Broward County wide program to educate the community about hardships faced by women and children dealing with domestic violence, homelessness and poverty. The initiative will be known as the Judicial-Legal Council, started through Women in Distress.

The effort is being engineered by attorney Stuart Rosenfeldt and Signature Grand co-owner Arlene Pecora. The Daily Business Review did a feature on the new program yesterday.

The council will provide a forum to discuss how the legal and business communities can learn about issues affecting women, children and families. The council hopes the program will encourage lawyers and judges to get more involved in helping victims go through the judicial system and get the help they need. They have already met once.

“Unless people work in the area, they don’t know anything about it,” said Stuart A. Rosenfeldt, president of the Fort Lauderdale-based law firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler. “A big step toward intervention is awareness and education.”

The purpose is to open dialogue and set a better communication with these groups,” said Mary Riedel, president and chief executive officer of Women in Distress. “Many positives will come out of it. When people have a better understanding of the issues affecting our community, solutions come out of it.”

Founding members of the council include Chief Circuit Judge Victor Tobin; Circuit Judges Geoffrey D. Cohen of the Domestic Violence Division, Robert A. Rosenberg and Peter Weinstein; County Court Judges Martin R. Dishowitz of the Juvenile Division and Stacy Ross; Janet A. Boyle; Raquel Ferrero; Jamie Finizio; Nancy Gregoire; Amy Kirschner Hyman; Bill Laystrom; Chris Mobley; Anita Paoli; Nola Richardson; Gregg Sjoquist; and Levi Williams.

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