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Monday, February 2, 2009

Herald Article Features Juror Questions

The picture is from the movie, "Cry Innocent, The People versus Bridget Bishop" a dramatic live recreation of Salem's first witch trial, where audience members play the jury. I was going to say Sean Conway thought it was modeled after Judge Aleman's courtroom, but I think we have read enough about that over the past year.

"Voire Dire", or to tell the truth, that agonizing process where you get to ask jurors questions about their lives that they do not want to answer while they are in a courtroom they do not want to be in at a time they would rather be somewhere else. Pulling teeth can sometimes be more pleasant. Anyway, courts are now experimenting with a new alternative, a rule where they get to ask you questions.

There is an article in the Herald about that today. After a year of hearing questions from jurors during civil trials, the feature suggests South Florida judges and lawyers are still skeptical of allowing the practice in criminal cases.

A well written piece by their talented writer, Todd Wright, including a quote from the formidable Brian Cavanagh, Broward's chief homicide prosecutor. An outstanding trial attorney. Brian, of course, won an award in November of 2008 from the Broward Crime Commission as the Prosecutor of the Year. The UM graduate is in his 31st year with the State Attorney's office.

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