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Monday, February 2, 2009

Firefighter Steals Severed Foot From Car Crash

From the 'you can't make this up department' of weird crimes.
Anyone seen the movie, Saw, lately? Any of them, they are up to about Saw V?

Maybe in St. Lucie, just a little bit north of Broward on the pike, they have. A firefighter, Cindy Economou, 38, is accused of stealing a severed foot from a crash scene. Really.

Economou was arrested yesterday, on the second degree misdemeanor theft charge of absconding with a portion of a man’s leg from an Interstate 95 accident, uhh, with injuries. The victim, Karl Lambert, survived the crash, and well, he would like his foot back. Is that so wrong?

Word is the firefighter scored the foot to help train her 'cadaver' dog. Alas, a public purpose for the pilfering! A second component of this amazing story is that the police department had to give a value to the foot for the purposes of charging the firefighter with theft. Their determination? The warrant lists the value of Lambert’s foot at less than $100. So that is what a foot is worth, huh? Less than a C Note.

Could it be they are trying to go easy on this now ex-firefighter, who was only the county firefighter of the year in 2007. Or was it firefooter? So what does she do now, open a butcher shop?

Let's not prejudge the case, though. Her defense is that she got permission from a supervisor, who now denies that she ever handed out authority to seize the foot.

Read more here; I can't bare it. I was going to post a picture of a severed foot from a movie set, but it was just too gross. What was this woman thinking?

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