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Monday, February 9, 2009

BSO Actively Enforcing 'Move Over Law'

Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tony Morales is interviewed by a TV news crew from Spanish language channel Telemundo 51 on the Sawgrass Expressway on February 6th. Mike Jachles took the photo.
Operating a Laser to determine motorists’ speeds is BSO Sgt. Allen Adkins, in the background. The BSO Regional Traffic Enforcement Unit and Florida Highway Patrol Troop L- Davie and Troop K-Broward Turnpike launched a joint enforcement effort in March, 2008.

Nearly two dozen deputies and troopers participated in the speed and “Move Over Law” effort in western Broward on the Sawgrass Expressway and along Interstate 75 in Weston last week. Statewide, as of February 1, the fines for traffic infractions have increased.
In Broward County, a Move Over Law violation now carries a fine of $150.00, up from $122.50. Speeding fines vary based on the number of miles over the limit, but now run $265.00 for exceeding the limit by 20 miles.

As a sitting traffic hearing officer, I can tell you that despite the enforcement, the promotions, and even the bumperstickers promoting awareness, there are still motorists not fully familiar with the new law. I think we get into a car and become anesthetized by the rushing movement of our minds, the cel phones, the CDs, the stereos, the conversations, and we forget we are driving. The consequences can be disastrous, so consider this simply a public service post. Just be more aware, more alert everytime you get behind a wheel.

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