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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baseball Star Alomar Sued for Transmitting HIV

Ex-Met great Roberto Alomar is being sued by his former girlfriend, who claims the former ballplayer had years of unprotected sex with her when he should have known he was infected with HIV, according to papers filed Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court.

Ilya Dall of Whitestone said she met Alomar, 41, in 2002 and began an intimate relationship with him in which he said he was free of any sexually transmitted diseases, according to the papers.

But, after Alomar showed various signs of fatigue, low blood platelet counts and other physical problems, tests in February 2006 showed that he was suffering from AIDS, according to Dall's papers.

Not only have their been suits like this in South Florida, you can be criminally prosecuted for knowingly transmitting the HIV virus by failing to disclose that condition to a sexual partner.

It's not A Rod on steroids, but whether its that Yankee hero from Miramar last year being involved in a DUI manslaughter, or Mike Phelps toking on a bong, we learn every day that stars, just like us, take their pants off one leg at a time. They are not above us or below us, just amongst us. We all walk together

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