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Monday, February 9, 2009

911 Call For Beer Lands Man in Jail

The problems in Zephyrhills are a little less severe; here's a dude that shoulda drank the water instead
Just an update for those of you with a propensity to drink and become rather demanding.
Foolish and unnecessary calls to 911 can be chargeable as a criminal offense.
Sobering up in a jail in Zephyrhills yesterday morning was a man who became so frustrated that a convenience store clerk would not sell him beer he dialed 911 for help.

Pasco County authorities say the 40-year-old Zephyrhills man, Armando Merino, is charged with disorderly conduct. He has been released on bond. Not the sharpest knife in the draw, is he?
The convenience store clerk called 911 early Saturday morning and told the dispatcher that a customer was threatening her because she would not sell him any more beer. She was worried he had become too intoxicated. Minutes later, Merino called 911 and was "abusive" to the dispatcher. Can't imagine what he said to the cops when they arrived, but I am suspecting they did not provide him with Bud Light at the county lockup.

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