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Monday, March 2, 2009

Twitter This

All you ever needed to know about Twitter is exemplified in this Doonesbury cartoon.

Have no idea why it is so popular or how it is exploding internationally, save the fact that it reduces anything you may do anywhere to 140 words or less. It fascinates me that I have been emailed and asked to post more frequently on Twitter. Amazing that the twitter founders are like the google visionaries internationally acclaimed and now probably millionaires.

It is not just that our lives are reduced to instant messages and snapshots. It is that we have suddenly exalted the importance of the inane. Look at the seven visuals coming at you all at once on your tv screen. Forget cameras at intersections. We are lucky we do not have CNN and adds for erectile dysfunction instead.

Later, I must go twitter. That sure sounds illegal, like if I did it in a public place I would go to jail. I think Naugle has a week left in office as mayor. Give him a week, he can outlaw something. :-)

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