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Monday, March 2, 2009

Editorial Cartoon of the Day

This is Duke Snider.
The Brooklyn Dodger baseball Hall of Famer once told me that the only 'weight' he ever lifted was an 8 ounce glass, jokingly referring to the many road trips where athletes would just grab a beer. Life was simpler then. In the Spring, they trained, not testified. I liked my heroes better.
I spent my blog free weekend at Spring Training, though for the first time since ever, the Dodgers are not in South Florida.
Catch up on some of the news as the week unfolds.

"I think cartoonists should be like burrs under the saddle of some egomaniac, kind of gnawing away every day," says two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Szep. "I think the public likes cartoons because it gives them a vicarious pleasure that they normally can't get in any other way."

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