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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speeding Judge Uses Dead Witness for Corroboration

John Mesirow has a great blog. Short, tight, and concise pieces straight to the point. Not too heavy. Easy reading, wonderful photos. Got to get more like him. Last month, I did this long piece about how judges across the country were getting in trouble everywhere.
Got picked up by and have no doubt I would have included this tidbit below from the Legal Juicer himself had I seen it before I published:

'Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. But how far would you go to beat it? If you are Australian Judge Marcus Enfield (former Judge, that is), you'd go pretty damn far. As reported at, Mr. Enfield got a speeding ticket in 2006. What was his defense?

[H]e claimed his car was being driven by a friend, Teresa Brennan. Mind you, this was a judge testifying, under oath.
The problem:
It later emerged that [Ms. Brennan] had died in 2003. Mr. Brennan pleaded guilty to "making a false statement under oath and trying to pervert the course of justice." He is awaiting sentencing.
Just a reminder to some who practice in traffic court that it is not a game. It is a real court room and you can get in just as much trouble being careless and slovenly in what you do there as in 'real courts.' You are an attorney twenty four hours a day.

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