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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are Women Lawyers Left Out of the JNC Process?

A few weeks ago I postured that female lawyers have made so many advances in the legal community that it would be illogical for them to be the first hurt during an economic recession. The argument I made is in this blog:

Now comes a headline piece from the DBR and you see that in the pool of 56 JNC nominees, many skilled attorneys at that, there are only 11 women. Lisa Lehner, director of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Miami Dade's chapter, says she is "appalled; that there is a gross disparity and inequality towards women." Those are strong words, but perhaps very accurate nevertheless.

She also said it is mind boggling and a total mystery. Now that is not so. Women have for too long been excluded from the corridors of power within the legal community. The powers that be have invited them in only reluctantly.

The establishment for the past ten years has been white and upper crust. It has not sought out diversity, women, or minorities as they should have. Complaceny set in. So female representation remained too low and was not pushed too hard. So it is neither surprising nor mind boggling. The only issue is to set into motion processes to change it. And the real applause go to all those women who have done so much to overcome the obstacles and barriers they previously faced so as to get to where they are now.

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