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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anna Nicole Back to the Future

Prosecutors are poised to re-open the investigation into the death of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

The move comes after Smith’s former lawyer, Howard K. Stern, and two of her doctors, were charged with conspiring to provide her with thousands of prescription drugs over the three-year period up to her death in 2007.

The charges were brought in California, where Smith lived for much of her adult life.But now authorities in Florida, where Smith died of a massive drugs overdose at the Seminole Hard Rock Resort in Hollywood, have met with their counterparts in California.

Ron Ishoy, spokesman for State Attorney Mike Satz, intimated that the Florida death investigation could be re-opened.

“Our prosecutors have met with representatives of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the California Department of Justice and discussed the evidence they have turned up in their investigation. We are now examining that evidence to see where it might lead in relation to Ms Smith’s death here in Broward County in 2007.”

This is music for CNN's ears. Another showdown in Fort Lauderdale. 'Bring back Larry' cheers are echoing the courthouse cafeteria as I blog.

Stern and the doctors, Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich, face 11 charges, relating to the supply of prescription drugs.It is alleged they were often prescribed for no legitimate medical purpose. Should have given her pot. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has described Stern as Smith’s “principal enabler.”

Stern was the most famous member of Smith’s entourage. He even claimed, falsely, to be the father of her newborn daughter, Dannielynn. Stern was buying a boat in Miami Beach when Smith died but had been staying in her suite at the Hard Rock. Smith died months after the death of her 20-year-old son, Daniel, of a similar drug overdose in the Bahamas. Other than Smith, Stern was the only other person in the room when he died.

Frankly, my blog in this is simple. The whole damn family was crazy, whacked, drug induced. I give Seidlin some credit. He got it right. The only sane one may be the dude he gave the kid to. I don't even the remember the name, what was it? You know, the blonde haired guy who showed up with the child on Larry King? Larry Birkhead? He was like the Kato Kaelin of this mess. Send 'em all packing. Keep them from Broward. I don't want to see 'Millstein,', 'Texas,' or any of the cast of characters that reduced Broward to a daily comedy show.


  1. I would say the circumstances of Anna's death certainly merit an investigation at the very least. This was a relatively young woman who was being prescribed hundreds upon hundreds of pills via aliases and even under the names of other people (Howard K. Stern). Unless she had some kind of terminal illness what could the rationale be for this sort of over-medication? I suppose Howard and the doctors were clinging to some slim hope that they'd realize a nice reward if Anna ever won her claim against the Marshall estate. Well that flimsy claim is on its last legs thanks to a proper ruling from Justice Kennedy earlier this month, so now the gang needs a backup plan...mainly how to avoid spending significant time in prison.