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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Judge Richards Breaks Up Fight As He Pole Jumps to the Rescue

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Pole Vaulter and attorney James Pedley would be proud of Broward County's newest judicial hero, who makes CNN about 30 days into his tenure as a jurist. And with a move Mickey Rourke would be fond of. Broward Judge Ian Richards jumps the bench to help a woman being attacked by domestic violence suspect. Now playing nationally on CNN.

Some quick thinking and quick action by a Broward County judge was caught on courtroom surveillance video when a domestic violence suspect tried to attack a woman in court.

According to BSO officials, John Reasee, 29, was appearing before Judge Ian Richards in courtroom 5810 at the main Broward County courthouse in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday morning when he apparently realized he didn't want to be taken into custody. Reasee was standing next to his attorney at a courtroom podium.

His alleged victim, Nicole Word, was standing next to her attorney on the other side of the podium. When Judge Richards decided that he was going to remand Reasee into custody for violating the terms of his pre-trial release, he pulled away from the Bailiff and attacked Word, who in turn, ran next to the Judge's bench.

Two court deputies quickly jumped into action to restrain Reasee, just as the Judge pushed the courtroom panic alarm and jumped off his bench to separate and protect Word from Reasee. Several Lauderhill police officers, who were in the hallway outside the courtroom at the time, intervened and helped the Bailiff restrain Reasee without further incident.

Reasee, who was charged with domestic violence, now faces new charges of resisting arrest and stupidity in the first degree. No bond for this guy now. Serious incarceration. Danger to the community and all that. But not to Super Judge. Expect an appearance on Letterman by Friday.

Looks like Seidlin's 15 minutes are gone. Welcome our new Judicial Super Hero . Ian Richards.
Young, in shape, and America's Newest Judicial Idol. If this dude had tried this in front of Judge Thomas Coker, I am thinking he takes out his .357 magnum and fires off a couple of rounds....

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