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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In Lieu of a China Closet, Will a Coke Cabinet Do?

A humorous piece off the ABA Blog this past weekend. Molded cocaine as dinner servings. Not what I think Rick Steves' has in mind when the Travel Host displays Austrian dinnerware in European capitols. Or what mom had in mind when she saved all the good dishes in the dining room in something called a China Closet, which was God's way of saying we only touch the stuff there on holidays.

Remember the scene in Traffic in which Catherine Zeta-Jones, playing the wife of an imprisoned dealer, negotiates an exclusive deal to provide a Mexican druglord with seeming toys manufactured from cocaine? As the druglord watches, she dissolves a toy and sets up a line of coke, but refuses to partake because she's pregnant.

Such drug-dealing might have seemed a bit fantastic when the critically acclaimed movie was released in 2000. But it was based on reality then, according to the Los Angeles Times. And it's apparently becoming commonplace now, according to the London Times.

Spanish authorities recently seized a 44-pound dinner service in which all 42 of the plates, bowls, cups, saucers and other pieces were made of compressed cocaine, the British newspaper reports.
Grandma's chicken soup would sure have a new flavor.

Another enterprising drug-smuggling effort foiled by Spanish police several weeks ago involved a 66-year-old Chilean man wearing a "cast" made of cocaine, the Times writes.

His leg was in fact broken, X-rays showed, and, a police spokesman says, “investigators are examining the possibility that these injuries were brought about voluntarily ... to facilitate trafficking through security checks.” No word yet if he tried to snort his leg.
Nothing new here for people working in Miami customs for years. I mean, from people swallowing it to shipping it to hiding it in 2 by 4's, we could do a book on the best ways to hide coke. Actually the best thing to do is hide from it. Not good for you. Or your freedom.

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