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Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Daily Miami Beach Celebrity DUI Arrest

Painter and sculptor Romero Britto was arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday on drunken-driven charges, accused of finger painting at the wheel.

Police say they were drawn to the Brazilian-born artist's attentiton by the distinctive colors of his car above, when they saw it about 3 a.m. swerving between lanes, said Miami Beach Detective Jenny Velazquez, police spokeswoman.

In lieu of bond, Britto painted a new motif and design for the Dade County Jail, according to Miami-Dade Corrections spokeswoman Janelle Hall.

The artwork of Brazilian-born Britto can be found throughout Miami, which is distinctive for its bold colors and famous urinators who get drunk, drive, and piss all over the city. He has an art gallery on Lincoln Road. Last year he did a piece featuring Dontrelle Willis, the former Marlins pitcher also caught drinking and driving. Since then, Willis has not thrown a strike.
This piece has been given satirical license by the blogger.

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