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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Athlete, Another Day, Another DUI

Not Again. Can we keep up with the lack of sober athletes on our roadways?

Now from the streets of Miami another DUI manslaughter, this one courtesy of pro footballer Donte' Stallworth, whose video 's sobriety test has somehow been put online already, and as an attorney you ask, 'Has anyone ever played this game?'

Is this tampering with evidence? Improper pre trial publicity? Marketing for the sake of You Tube? Oh well, they want to put cameras at intersections, I guess you can put videos of cops questioning suspects online. But what ever happened to restraint? Are they going to be selling parts of Stallworth's car on ebay before the day is out? Not exactly a way to insure a fair trial, is it?

Meanwhile, outside the legal issues raised by the spontaneity of video surveillance of a criminal accident scene, another victim has lost his life to recklessness; another family has been shattered; and another life has been broken. Will we ever learn?

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