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Monday, March 9, 2009

Buy A Gun For Your School Sir

So we have sadly heard all too often about school shootings in Dade and Broward.

We have witnessed the news reports of young children killing young children.

And now comes a report that school security guards must carry guns on campus.

In many parts of the country, arming school cops is a standard practice. Of the six largest school districts, five employ armed officers: Los Angeles has 262 armed officers; Broward County, Fla., has 20 armed officers and 149 armed municipal officers; Dade County, Fla., has 172 armed officers; Clark County, Nev., has 150 armed officers. Chicago uses hundreds of armed off-duty city officers a spokesman said.

So I am just wondering should the former Chief of Police of Fort Lauderdale be running for City Commission or the School Board? Actually I am wondering if the public knows how many school guards are armed, and I am wondering further if these school guards have to meet the same certifications as law enforcement officers. Years ago, we let lifeguards make arrests on city beaches. Just what are the standards that these armed officers meet? Are they employed by cities? Are they certified police officers? The Dade County Board has its own police department:

Inquiring minds want to know. Someone from the Sun Sentinel out there that wants to research this report some more????

Here is an article to get you going. The public is for this 80% to 20 %

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  1. Something very interesting were the results of the Gun Poll at

    This poll clearly shows that most people would rather have more guns easily available to decrease crime. This is exactly why in your article above you see that the public supports this measure 80%.