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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Citizens Complain That 'Rights Restoration Process' Moving Too Slowly

The ACLU and other groups staged a statewide demonstration today to urge a swifter restoration of civil rights for felons.

Gov. Charlie Crist issued an executive order in 2007 allowing civil rights restoration, including voting rights, for some nonviolent felons. But groups say there is nothing automatic about the process. More here.

Video: Tallahassee resident David Money, 40, discusses his struggles for restoration. He was convicted of marijuana manufacturing charges in 1994. Video by Alex Leary.

Well David, you are lucky you are not trying to get a gun permit. Florida is only behind about 95,000 in those:

So you see it is not true that Barack Obama's election has done nothing to change the economy. Simply because he got elected, citizens everywhere are going crazy buying guns. Or is it that just crazy citizens are buying guns? You make the call.

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