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Friday, March 27, 2009

Jailed Judges Corrupt Conduct May Overturn 1,000 Convictions

The corrupt Pennsylvania juvenile judges who are now doing jail time may wind up having a ripple and residual effect that is mind boggling. The NY Times is reporting, along with the ABA Journal, that maybe 12oo convictions are going to have to be overturned and vacated.

The ruling affects juvenile convictions between 2003 and 2008 in cases heard by the former president judge of Luzerne County, Mark Ciavarella Jr., reports the Associated Press. The AP put the number of juvenile convictions at issue perhaps in the hundreds, but the Philadelphia Inquirer reports they could total 1,200.

He and a judicial colleague pleaded guilty last month in criminal cases concerning some $2.6 million in kickbacks they allegedly accepted in exchange for sending juveniles to a detention facility then reportedly owned, in part, by an attorney, as discussed in earlier posts.

A special master is looking into the situation. The penalty for these judges should be Bart Simpson like. They should have to sit down and write in longhand an apology to every kid and every kid's family and every state attorney and parent whose rights they poisoned with their diabolical greed. But first maybe we should break their fingers.

My first blog about this was a month ago, and each new revelation is repulsive. These guys have so corrupted the justice system in Pennsylvania.........


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