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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lines Will Be Reduced As New Courthouse Scanners Arrive

You are looking at your neighborhood blogger's e-mailed photo from his I-phone being published to you on the Broward Law Blog. And what is this picture of, you ask? It is, ladies and gentlemen of waiting lines all too long, the newly redesigned location for a courthouse scanner upon court entry to the Broward County Judicial Complex. And complex it is indeed.

Why did they move it you ask? Will it make the lines outside look shorter? No, actually good news here. It is the prelude to the installation of a third scanner in the courthouse lobby, providing for easier access and entry to the general public. The scanner got to the courthouse loading dock last week, and it is being prepped and set up for introductory installation on March 27. Some citizens should be off today's line by then.

It has been written that it is not the storm that tears your roof off which makes you break. It is rather the shoelace that breaks moments before you take the field. Small things get to you. Make you crack. Snap. Go crackle and pop. You are, for example, a witness in a case. You get paid six dollars to miss a day's work and get to court. Or you are a juror. You get to the courthouse. You struggle for forty five minutes to find a parking space. Then you get to the courthouse. But you don't really. You get to a line in front of the courthouse, and rainy, cold, or too sunny, the line is too long. And you get even more upset about the disaster that is your day. And you wait on line steaming, angered, saying 'is this what my tax dollars go for?' And unwittingly you have become a victim of the system you are there to play a part of.

Mark then this day as one small step for Broward, one giant leap for its citizens.

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  1. awwww, man.
    does this mean i won't get to spend as much time having that preacher guy screaming in my ear?
    i'm crushed.