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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun-Sentinel Sunday: 'The Messiah' Sued

Jon Burstein's story says it all, and we offer here just a quick summary and invite you to go to our neighborhood newspaper to read the rest.,0,7952074.story

Okay, it goes something like this. Abraham leaves Florida to discover oil with his rich uncle Mordecai in Texas. They stumble upon a natural gas well and make a trillion dollars. They become rich and famous and have more money than God, which when you are rich and famous, is just not enough.

But they are kind and generous and set up a laudable foundation which benevolently spreads charitable donations across the world for noble causes. But one of the trillionaires, Mordecai, is upset with the other so he sues Abraham. Abraham counter sues Mordecai.

Apparently, Abraham spoke to Miss Cleo and found out he was 'The Messiah' and has few extra million bucks lying around, so he takes out some billboard ads promoting his self ordained induction into Yahweh's Hall of Fame. This upsets the uncle and he names Saint Peter and the Gates of Heaven in a suit which is assigned to Judge Robert Rosenberg in the Complex Litigation Unit, who will have to look at it very closely.

No word yet from God, after all it is Sunday, and she is resting. The suit is online at the Federal Pacer system and we will reserve further comment for a more thorough review. The names have been changed to protect the innocent but apparently it involves the very generous Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, in existence for seven years.

The lawyers for each side are many, including Harley Tropin, Greg Miarecki, and perhaps Al Pacino as Satan. Wasn't he the actor who did 'Devil's Advocate?"

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