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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feces Facial Flips SD Public Defender

This from the ABA journal late Tuesday afternoon....

A defendant who wanted his public defender removed from the case will get his wish after smearing feces on his lawyer’s face and flinging the material at jurors.

Weusi McGowan was on trial in San Diego for a home invasion and robbery when he brought in a baggie filled with excrement during a mid-morning break, City Wire reports in a story posted on
McGowan smeared the feces on the face and in the hair of Deputy Alternate Public Defender Jeffrey Martin, then flung the material toward the jurors, the story says.

The excrement missed Juror No. 9 but hit his briefcase.

Judge Jeffrey Fraser had denied McGowan’s request to represent himself, the story says. The judge declared a mistrial and said McGowan would have to get a new lawyer. In related news, Howard Finkelstein announced he is taking the day off tomorrow.
So where was the courthouse security when the guy came through the metal detector? I am just thinking how does this make it through, you feel me?

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