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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

English Firms Want Dress Code for Females

Three years ago Rumple did a Justice Building Blog piece about a dress code. Here it is:

This week in Great Britain one of its most established firms, Marie Claire UK reports that Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP has suggested to its female attorneys that they "embrace their femininity" by wearing stiletto heels paired with skirts. This suggestion comes as a part an "image changing course" used in the firm's UK offices to advise staff on how to dress professionally.

One of the oldest firms in the City, Freshfields has felt compelled to hire image consultants to offer honest opinions on workwear at the 2,400-strong company.

The image consultants have warned female employees that: “[a]lthough accentuating your leg length is highly recommended, necklaces are to be avoided for fear of drawing attention to the bustline.”

The lengthier article is here:

Now comes time for my blurb, my blog, or worthless opinion. I do not wear my leather vest and jeans to court anymore. I am older. I dress nicer. Russell Williams still says I still do not dress well, but my Macy’s charge account says otherwise. Anyway, I just stand adjacent to Fred Haddad when I am in court, so no matter how I dress, it looks better than the guy I am next to.

But the purpose of this blog was to ask who can remember that scene years ago with some female state attorney whose dress started a courthouse controversy over being too high, was it?
I remember this emotional conflagration but as the years pass so do our memories. Who remembers what the heck I am talking about?
Beuhler? Beuhler? Beuuuhler?

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