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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lawyers in the News

The Sun Sentinel reports that President Obama will in all likelihood appoint a new U.S. Attorney for the Southern District in the coming months. I have no speculation on who it might be, do you ?,0,536527.story

A provocative and thoughtful article from the St. Petersburg Times details the legal hurdles in prosecuting Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom, pictured above, plagued by two ethics complaints and a possible state attorney investigation into allegations he misused his public office. You know, anytime you are a politician elected to serve a public office and you instead have to spend your days in the office of a criminal defense attorney, it's not a good thing is it?

The Palm Beach Post editorializes against suspended attorney Bill Abramson being allowed to ascend to the bench, noting incisively that "Chapter 318.34 - requires that traffic court hearing officers be members in good standing of the Bar. Would it be logical for the Supreme Court, in effect, to endorse higher standard for traffic court than circuit court, where judges issue the death penalty, referee major lawsuits, decide child custody and rule on all juvenile and probate cases?" Read the whole article here:

The city of Cutler Bay has passed a law, maybe the first of its kind in Florida, mandating that that shopping centers with 25 or more parking spaces set up video surveillance at entrances and exits within 18 months from this date. No nuisance abatement action precedes the lasw, it is just imposed for public safety reasons, I am sure, and to enhance surveillance in case of abductions or crimes.

This blogging stuff is fun, but it sure takes some time away from fantasy baseball planning. N.K.

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