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Saturday, January 31, 2009

DCA Names Candidates for Opening

The Fourth District Court of Appeals has released a list of applicants seeking to fill two vacanies:

The following individuals have applied to the Fourth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission for consideration and nomination to the Fourth District Court of Appeal:Katherine Barski, Esq.Ralph Behr, Esq.Jeanne C. Brady, Esq., Judge Reginald Corlew, Judge Jack Schramm Cox, Judge John Frusciante, Judge Jonathan D. Gerber, Judge Renee Goldenberg, Judge Patti Englander Henning, Judge Alfred J. Horowitz, Judge Cynthia G. Imperato, Judge Janis Brustares Keyser, Spencer Levine, Esq., Judge Elizabeth Maass, Clifford Miller, Esq., Judge Kathryn Pecko, Judge Carol Lisa Phillips, Judge William Roby, Judge Robert A. Rosenberg, Andrew Salvage, Esq., Joseph Tringali, Esq., Patti A. Velasquez, Esq., Jane Kreusler-Walsh, Esq.

If there are any questions, please contact Kara Berard Rockenbach, Chair of the Fourth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission, at (561) 640-0330, or by e-mail at

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