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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buy A Gun for Your Son

Packing heat got Steven Collazo sacked. The Boca Raton man now is suing his former employer, the Florida subsidiary of a national funeral home company, claiming his firing last month violated a new state law that allows people with concealed weapons permits to have their firearms locked in their cars on workplace property.

Under the law, employers generally cannot:
Prohibit any customer, employee or invitee from keeping a legally owned firearm inside or locked to a motor vehicle in a parking lot;
Question customers, employees or invitees regarding whether they have weapons in their vehicles;
Search the vehicle of a customer, employee or invitee for a weapon (searches can only be conducted by law enforcement officers);
Refuse to hire an applicant based on whether he or she has a concealed weapons permit;
Take action against an employee, customer or invitee based on written or verbal statements made by that individual regarding the possession of a gun stored inside a private motor vehicle in a parking lot for lawful purposes.

This does not apply to the courthouse, however. Good, I feel safer already. Do you know at Boyd's Bait and Tackle right at Fourth Street and Andrews, there is a shooting range? Go there occasionally with my 22 just to calm down and relax, but I ran out of those targets with Navarro in the bullseye. Would not matter, never hit it anyway. (Don't worry, Nick knows I am kidding)

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